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Annual 2017-2018 Class Schedule

Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
REL 101-20First-Year Seminar: IslamophobiaIngram
REL 101-20First-Year Seminar: Tolerance: A Global HistoryMolina
REL 101-21First-Year Seminar: Tolerance: A Global HistoryMcClish
REL 170Introduction to ReligionBalberg
REL 200Introduction to HinduismMcClish
REL 210Introduction to BuddhismJacobyBond
REL 221Introduction to New TestamentDingeldein
REL 230Introduction to JudaismWimpfheimer
REL 240Introduction to ChristianityTraina
REL 250Introduction to IslamIngram
REL 260Introduction to Native American ReligionDees
REL 264 (HISTORY 200-22)American Religious History From 1865 To The Great DepressionOrsi
REL 265 (HISTORY 200-22)American Religious History from WWII to PresentOrsi
REL 271Theology of LoveKohli
REL 272 (GERMAN 272)Luther and the WestKohli
REL 275Mysticism & SpiritualityKieckhefer
REL 309-21 (ASIAN_LC 390-24)Religion in Ancient India (RLP)McClish
REL 312 (GNDR_ST 341-21, ASIAN_LC 390-24)Buddhism and GenderJacoby
REL 314-20 (ASIAN_LC 390-25)Buddhism in the Contemporary WorldJacoby
REL 329The Gospel of Matthew: At the Crossroads of Early ChristianitySenior
REL 339-20The "Occidental-Oriental" Divide in IsraelRingel
REL 339-20 (JWSH_ST 280-5-1)The Settlement Movement & the National Religious Camp in Israel (RLP)Ringel
REL 339-20 (POLI SCI 390-20)Religion and Politics In The State Of IsraelRingel
REL 339-21Jews and the Transgender MovementWimpfheimer
REL 339-21Reading the TalmudWimpfheimer
REL 339-21 (COMP_LIT 313-21)The Art of Rabbinic NarrativeWimpfheimer
REL 345SainthoodKieckhefer
REL 349-20 (ENG 331, 338)Religion and LiteratureSchwartz
REL 351 (MENA 301-3)Islamic Law (RLP)Ingram
REL 359 (ASIAN_ST 390-3-20, ANTHRO 390-28) Islam in AsiaHenning
REL 369 (ASIAN_AM 350-1)Asian American ReligionsTse
REL 369-20 (ENVR_POL 390-22)Media, Earth, and Making a DifferenceTaylor
REL 371-20 (RTVF 398-20)Religion and FilmMolina
REL 374God After the HolocaustSufrin
REL 375Foundations of Christian ThoughtKieckhefer
REL 378Death: Myth and MeaningBalberg
REL 379-20Religion and MagicKieckhefer
REL 379-21 (POLI SCI 382-20)Politics of Religious DiversityHurd
REL 379-21 (SESP 351-21)Religion and IdentityShapiro
REL 395Theories of ReligionTaylor
REL 396-1Senior Honor SeminarTaylor
REL 396-2Senior Honor SeminarTaylor
REL 400 level (ANTHRO 474)Graduate Seminar: Religion and ValuesLaunay
REL 471 (GNDR_ST 490-23)Graduate Seminar: Catholicism and Modern SexualitiesOrsi
REL 473Graduate Seminar: Studies in BuddhismJacoby
REL 481-1Graduate Seminar: Classical Theories and MethodsTraina
REL 481-2Graduate Seminar: Theories of ReligionIngram
REL 482Graduate Seminar: Themes in Comparative ReligionMolina
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