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Eda Uca

Eda Uca is a doctoral student in American Religions and Mellon Fellow in Comparative Race and Diaspora. Eda is interested in the blooper reel of American racialization; those racial ideas and identities which were produced during crisis points in American racialization and not consolidated into subsequent racial regimes. Her research examines how 20th century religious communities and movements functioned as sites for the production of racial imaginaries and what these racio-religious experiments might illuminate about the obsolescence and production of hegemonic racial regimes, and in turn, the continually renegotiated boundaries of "America" and American identity formation in the U.S. She comes to Northwestern from Yale Divinity School where she earned an Master of Divinity and Master of Sacred Theology concentrated in Black Religion in the African Diaspora. Her master thesis, "What is Islam? Reading Noble Drew Ali's Islamic American Imaginaire" earned honors distinction. Her advisers are Sylvester Johnson and Brannon Ingram.
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