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Jeffrey Wheatley

Jeffrey Wheatley is a doctoral candidate in American Religions. He researches race, religion, empire, and state power in the United States, especially in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Related focal points include pedagogy, theory and method, global Christianity, secularism, the history of the study of religion, and popular use of the octopus as an image for visualizing dangerous others. His current project examines American understandings of “superstition” and “fanaticism,” paying attention to how these terms have been used to surveil and govern populations deemed dangerous. Jeff published “US Colonial Governance of Superstition and Fanaticism in the Philippines” in Method & Theory in the Study of Religion and co-wrote “The Protestant Secular in the Study of American Religion: Reappraisal and Suggestions” in Religion. Jeff holds an MA in American Religious History from Florida State University and a BA in History from Arizona State University. You can view his CV here. He is on Twitter @wheatleyjt.
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