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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Who is my adviser for the Major?

Professor Barry Wimpfheimer, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Crowe Hall 4-140, 1860 Campus Drive,

How do I declare a major or minor?

To declare a major in Religious Studies, simply pick up a “Declare a Major” or “Declare a Minor” form from WCAS (or appropriate school), or you can get one from our own Religious Studies Department (4th floor, Crowe Hall 4-134). Please fill out the form completely and then either drop it off at our departmental office for the DUS to sign, or come in person to the DUS’s office hours (consult department web site for hours). When the form has been signed, please come pick it up and walk it over to WCAS (or other appropriate school administrative office) to file. Our DA and our DUS cannot file these forms for you. The student must actually file it for it to register properly.

How do I petition to graduate?

To petition to graduate, simply download and print out the Petition to Graduate Form from the Registrar’s web page.

Once you have printed out the form, please fill it out completely, double-checking to see that you have met all the departmental requirements, and/or have listed the requirements that still need to be completed.

Then simply either leave the form in the DUS box in the Religious Studies office for the DUS to review and sign, or come to the DUS’s office hours (consult department web site for hours) for her to review and sign your form. Once the form is signed, you will need to walk it over to the appropriate administrative office and file it.

I am studying abroad next term. How do I get my study abroad approval forms signed?

Submit your particular Study Abroad Program’s description and a list for the courses your will be taking, along with the Study Abroad Permission Form to the DUS. Make sure you fill out the form completely before submitting it to the DUS. The DUS will review, sign, and approve the form, as long as there are no problems or outstanding issues.

I have just returned from study abroad and need course credit/substitution credit/degree credit for the courses I took abroad. What do I do?

In an envelope, submit a copy of your syllabus, a transcript that states your grade in the course, and a copy of any final paper or exam you had in the course. Include the form for substitution or credit approval for me to sign. Also include a post-it or other note that briefly lets the DUS know what you need done. Within a week, the DUS will review these materials and sign, or request a meeting with you for further discussion.

For additional information see Weinberg College Rules and Policies for Study Abroad.

I am a NCAA athlete, how do I get my NCAA forms signed?

Consult your coach or coach’s assistant at the start of the season and then mark your NCAA deadlines clearly in your calendar. Allowing at least 1-2 weeks before your deadline, please submit your NCAA form or forms to the DUS for signature and approval. The turnaround on this is usually very quick, but your ability to play is contingent on this, so please plan ahead and do not leave it to the last moment. Pick up your signed form and then file it with the appropriate office.

I am interested in the Honors Program in Religious Studies. What does this entail? And how do I go about doing it?

In short, it entails writing a 30-35-page thesis and taking Religion 396 1, 2, the Senior Honors two-quarter seminar.

Senior Thesis and Honors Program Requirements

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